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Automating Quality

May 2, 2023

Welcome to Automating Quality, the Life Sciences centric show that bridges the gap between automation and quality management systems. Philippe Gaudreau, CEO at SOLABS is your host for this episode!


We are joined today by return guest Joseph Silvia, Director, Software Quality Training, and Instructor at Oriel STAT A MATRIX. In this episode, Joe shares his expertise on Supplier Management Quality for the medical devices industry. We discuss the onboarding process of new suppliers, the future of remote versus on-site audits, and more!


Key Takeaways

00:38 Introducing Joseph Silvia and Oriel STAT A MATRIX

02:53 Who are the main parties involved in the medical devices supply chain?

04:15 What is the process to getting a new supplier on board?

07:56 Are all audits in the future going to be remote?

10:04 Do suppliers change their processes to make themselves easier to audit?

12:55 Thanks to Joseph and our listeners for this great episode!