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Automating Quality

Nov 28, 2023

Welcome to Automating Quality, the Life Sciences centric show that bridges the gap between automation and quality management systems. This show is hosted by  Philippe Gaudreau, CEO at SOLABS, and Mandy Gervasio, VP of QA and Compliance at Comanche Biopharma.


In this episode, Mandy and Philippe discuss supplier management from establishing a relationship with new suppliers to maintaining this relationship and keeping the trust between your two organizations alive.


Key Takeaways:

01:30 Mandy discusses her current role and how it is linked to supplier management

03:40 Being able to work with partners that allow you to operate as one team in a seamless way is an incredible success factor

04:37 Mandy points red flags when entering a relationship with a supplier

07:15 Communicating only when there are problems to manage is a risky behavior

09:03 From a GCP perspective, how can you establish a good relationship with CROs and other suppliers?

13:26 How do you maintain your relationship with those suppliers and keep the trust alive and active?